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Mirrors Studio take part of dreams and make them real.

Whether it's shooting your "special moment" of your business, creating crazy cinematic video promos, commercials, reviews but also we help creators with exclusive social media packages, all the content created specific for your brand. Our services are made perfect for showcasing a restaurant, hotel, portraits, couple, business team, products..

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Starter From 15 photos
Simple pack
25 photos
1 video (15 seconds)
Photo/Video pack
35 photos
1 Video (15 seconds)
1 Video (25 seconds)
Complex pack
45 photos
1 video (25 seconds)
1 video (35 seconds)
Deluxe pack
Managment & Creation
45 photos
2 video (35 seconds)
1 Promotional Video (45 seconds)
Light Social Media Managment
Deluxe & Social media
Full Visual & Managment
45 photos
10 Short Video (10 seconds)
2 Promotional Video (+45 seconds)
Full Social Media Managment
All Inclusive Business
Visual Solutions.

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Explore our portfolio to gain insights into our diverse projects, versatiliy in term of collabs and creativity

Our mission is help businesses to share their maximum potential to their target audience, so we can simply do that showcasing their goals, behind the scenes, projects and knowledge into content. Businesses need each other!

A pristine white building under a clear sky, adorned with windows.
A grey architecture modern building with contemporary design style in a white sky blue sunrise background.
Crafting visions into architecture, Horizon Studio shapes dreams into living spaces. Elevate your surroundings, narrate your story.

Inspiring Businesses,
Defining Possibilities.

Join us and let's grow together!